Tunnel Management Building, Dunkettle, Co. Cork

Jack Lynch Tunnel Safety Information

Safety Information

Before Entering the Tunnel

Check fuel gauge

Tune into FM radio station to hear safety instructions, in case of incident

Switch on headlights

Take off your sunglasses

Obey lane control signs

Observe height restriction

General Safety Information
There are six emergency exits in each traffic bore for pedestrians that lead to the central bore (pedestrian exit), the exit doors are at each end of the central bore
There are twelve emergency panels in each traffic bore that have hose reels and fire extinguishers
There are fourteen emergency telephones within the South bound bore, approach and exit ramp
There are fifteen emergency telephones within the North bound bore, approach and exit ramp
The first emergency telephone within each bore is 50 metres into the Tunnel and every 50 metres thereafter
Lighting along the central bore (pedestrian exit) will fully turn on Approximately ten seconds after the door is opened
Fans will pressurise the central bore to prevent smoke entering the central bore when an emergency door is opened

Safe Conduct in the Tunnel

Obey the speed limit

Bicycles are prohibited

Maintain a safe distance between vehicles

Stay in lane , do not overtake

Do not turn or reverse , Do not stop, except in an emergency, until you have left the tunnel and are clear of the exit

JLT Safety Leaflet

Accident or Emergency

Switch on your warning lights

Switch off the engine

Stay close to your vehicle

Call for help from a safety panel

Vehicle Fire

If your vehicle is on fire, if possible drive out of the tunnel

If that is not possible, pull over, switch off the engine and leave the vehicle immediately, use the nearest emergency exit

Call for help from a safety panel

If you can, put out the fire using fire fighting appliances (extinguisher or hose reel) available at the safety panels in the tunnel