Tunnel Management Building, Dunkettle, Co. Cork

Tunnel Closures

Start DateStart TimeEnd DateEnd TimeReason
Monday 10th Jan21:00Tuesday 11th Jan04:00Full Tunnel Closure
Tuesday 11th Jan21:00Wednesday 12th Jan04:00 Full Tunnel Closure
Wednesday 12th Jan21:00Thursday 13th Jan04:00 Full Tunnel Closure
Thursday 13th Jan21:00Friday 14th Jan04:00 Full Tunnel Closure
Monday 24th Jan21:00Tuesday 25th Jan04:00 Full Tunnel Closure
Tuesday 25th Jan21:00Wednesday 26th Jan04:00 Full Tunnel Closure
Wednesday 26th Jan21:00Thursday 27th Jan04:00 Full Tunnel Closure
Thursday 27th Jan21:00Friday 28th Jan04:00 Full Tunnel Closure
Monday 7th Feb21:00Tuesday 8th Feb04:00 Full Tunnel Closure
Tuesday 8th Feb21:00Wednesday 9th Feb04:00 Full Tunnel Closure
Wednesday 9th Feb21:00Thursday 10th Feb04:00Full Tunnel Closure
Thursday 10th Feb21:00Friday 11th Feb04:00 Full Tunnel Closure

Traffic Cameras, Closures & Safety Information

View safety information, live traffic feeds and scheduled maintenance.

View Cameras

View live traffic feed and information from the Jack Lynch Tunnel Traffic Camera Feeds section
Traffic Cameras

Closures Information

View the latest information on all upcoming Scheduled Maintenance Closures for the Jack Lynch Tunnel
Tunnel Closures

Safety Information

Safety information, before entering the tunnel, accident and emergency and vehicle fire information
Safety Information