Tunnel Management Building, Dunkettle, Co. Cork

Tunnel Closures

DateStart TimeEndEnd TimeFurther Details
02/06/202407.0002/06/202415.00Cork City Marathon / North Bore Closure / South Bore Contra-flow
27/06/202421.0028/06/20244.00Full Tunnel closure
02/07/202421.0003/07/20244.00Full Tunnel closure
03/07/202421.0004/07/20244.00Full Tunnel closure
09/07/202421.0010/07/20244.00Full Tunnel closure
10/07/202421.0011/07/20244.00Full Tunnel closure
11/07/202421.0012/07/20244.00Full Tunnel closure
15/07/202421.0016/07/20244.00Full Tunnel closure
23/07/202421.0024/07/20244.00Full Tunnel closure
24/07/202421.0025/07/20244.00Full Tunnel closure
25/07/202421.0026/07/20244.00Full Tunnel closure
29/07/202421.0030/07/20244.00Full Tunnel closure
30/07/202421.0031/07/20244.00Full Tunnel closure

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